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Looking for a Premium Massage Chair? 10 Things to Look for!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Have you become frustrated with your extreme work pressure? You feel completely exhausted after returning to work! Then you need to undergo massage therapy which can be a complete solution for revamping your lost strength and mental fatigue. One of the immediate benefits of massage is a feeling of deep relaxation and calm. But you don’t want to step out on the weekend as you wish to spend time with your family! Then why not buy a premium massage chair? It can be a great therapeutic alternative to daily massages.

Apart from relaxation, a massage chair plays an active role in treating several health conditions. A quality massage chair is an important investment. Hence, to ensure you choose the right premium massage chair, we have brought out a few crucial things you need to consider for making a purchase. So, before you look for a reliable supplier, look at the continuing segment first.

premium massage chairs UK

Things to Keep in Mind before Buying a Premium Massage Chair

Massage Functions

Low-end massage chairs offer a little more than a rolling massage and simple vibration. On the other hand, premium massage chairs come with a wide variety of features. These include:

  • Heat therapy

  • Kneading

  • Rolling

  • Vibration

  • Tapping

  • Shiatsu

  • Zero gravity

The quality of these functions may affect the cost of a massage chair. But they can be majorly responsible for your wellbeing.

Massage Areas

Aside from offering various massage styles, a premium massage chair targets different parts of your body. Many full-body massage chairs offer a leg and foot massage, while others target the arms and hands. A massage chair comes with airbags, massage heads or rollers, which are responsible for these targeted massage options. Many premium massage chairs also feature a thumb-like massage head. However, before choosing one, make sure you are aware of the areas the massage chair targets.


Buying a massage chair is much more economical than a regular visit to a massage centre. But is this the first time you are going to buy it? Then you are definitely concerned about its cost, right? Well, if you want to have a premium massage chair within your affordability, it’s best to make your purchase online. There are many leading suppliers in the UK providing massage chairs at a reasonable price. But to get the best value for your money, compare the cost of multiple stores.

Massage Rollers

Make sure you consider the range of rollers of the massage chair. It refers to the type of track the massage chair comes with. You can either have an SL track massage chair or an L track massage chair. But what they actually are!

L-Track - The roller track extends from the neck to the gluteus muscle. They are usually 47”–52” long.

S-Track - This roller track extends from the neck to the spine’s natural ‘S’ shape through the lower lumbar region. It's slightly shorter than the L track but allows for twisting flexibility and spinal stretching.


Massage airbags work by pumping pressurized air into small pouches. They are located in the back, legs or sides of a massage chair and aim to relieve tension. An airbag will compress your muscles when inflated, which can stimulate blood flow and provide soreness relief. With a roller system, a massage chair is able to deliver different sensations and types of massage.

It’s best to look for a massage chair that comes with both airbag and rolling massages. These two can create a full-body massage available in a chair.


Are you looking for a massage chair with a specific height and weight capacity? Then make sure you conduct your search accordingly. Certain brands manufacture massage chairs that can comfortably sit on larger frames. On the flip, other brands offer massage chairs that are only for shorter heights. But a reliable supplier always lists size specifications. So, consider your own space measurement and make the most informed choice.

Massage Intensity

The strength of massage is one of the most vital factors in choosing a premium massage chair. It depends on the number of motors with the chair. Having a higher number of motors means a greater degree of power. And over time, your body will become accustomed to the intensity of your massage chair. The more strength option the massage chair offers, the more you will get out of the chair in the long run. message

It’s best to opt for a 3D or 4D massage chair. A 3D massage chair will give you a personalized massage. And a 4D massage chair is quite beneficial for people with back and shoulder issues.

Heated Massage

Premium massage chairs come with a heated seat. With infrared heat, the massage becomes more effective, which will relax your muscles, improve circulation, and release toxins. Whether you have arthritis, inflammation or deep tissue pain, heat therapy eases discomfort and relaxes muscles. So, make sure you choose a massage chair that comes with this facility.

Recline Function

Nowadays, most massage chairs come with a variety of reclining options. And one of the most popular is zero gravity. It mimics the weightlessness of space as you feel that your body is placed in a gravity-neutral position. And that is what will lower your heart rate, improve circulation, and reduce tension. According to studies, a massage chair with a recline function will not only provide a deeper massage experience but also boost relaxation significantly. Therefore, choose the one that comes with this feature.

Is It Easy to Use?

Premium massage chairs are easy to operate. Many of them can be operated via touch screen or one-touch remote. Many massage chairs even come with voice-activated commands. If you prefer simplicity, ensure you pay attention to the controls when shopping for a massage chair.

premium massage chair

Want to buy a premium massage chair? We are the leading supplier of full-body massage chairs. Our collections include lotus massage chairs, iSupreme 4D massage chairs, and more. All our products fulfil the European standards. So, wait no more! See our other blog posts for more tips to guide your search. And if you have any questions, call us!


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