Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately we do not ship outside the UK. If you are wanting to purchase goods from our website, we recommend you have them shipped to a Friend or Relatives address within the UK, and make arrangements from there.

How long is my guarantee for??

Typically all products will be covered under a 1 Year warranty, however Customers can purchase an additional 2 years warranty for £5/Month.

How much power does massage chairs use?

On average, a Massage Chair utilizes about 150-300 watts depending on themodel and size of the chair. It uses about as much as a home computer. Soit is very much the household appliance, which doesn’t put immense weighton the electrical system of the house.

Where will I put my Massage chair?

Ideally, your massage chair fits in as a part of your home furniture so youmust buy one of appropriate size that fits conveniently at home. Finding aneasy spot for the chair is essential to having a positive experience, andhomes with a larger floor space can go for larger massage chair models.How

How much does it cost?

The cost of a Massage Chair can be variable, ranging from anything between£ 450-£ 4000.so it is very much the lifestyle investment, designed toimprove the overall quality of life.

Are massage chairs easy to ship?

Yes, massage chairs can be easy to ship because the company takes care ofthe shipping once the delivery option is selected. In a matter ofdays, youwill receive your massage chair at your door. It is simple and streamlinedprocess.