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In the bustling landscape of the United Kingdom, where comfort meets innovation, VComfort stands tall as the beacon of relaxation and rejuvenation. With a legacy spanning over the last half-decade, VComfort has emerged as the foremost supplier of massage chairs, leaving an indelible mark in both domestic and commercial sectors.

Pioneering the revolution in relaxation technology, VComfort takes immense pride in having surpassed the milestone of 2500+ massage chair sales in the past five to six years. This remarkable achievement not only underscores the quality and efficacy of our products but also speaks volumes about the unwavering trust and loyalty of our customers in the VComfort brand.

At the heart of our success lies a steadfast commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Catering to the discerning needs of the domestic sector, we have garnered a strong and loyal customer base, offering unparalleled comfort and relief through our range of massage chairs. From cozy living rooms to luxurious bedrooms, VComfort has become synonymous with relaxation in every household across the UK.

However, our journey doesn't end there. Expanding our horizons beyond the domestic realm, VComfort has carved a niche for itself in the commercial and health sectors, transcending boundaries and redefining comfort standards.

One such milestone moment in our journey was the recent fulfilment order of the high-end iSupreme 4D Max Massage Chair from Drax Group, a renowned power station situated in Selby, North Yorkshire. As the provider of 11% of the UK's renewable power, Drax Group recognizes the importance of employee well-being and productivity. By choosing VComfort, they have entrusted us with the responsibility of ensuring utmost comfort and relaxation for their workforce, underscoring the reliability and efficacy of our products in demanding environments.

Furthermore, our commitment to enhancing well-being extends to the healthcare sector, exemplified by the repeated order of three T-Rok Massage Chairs from NHS Forth Valley, Scotland. In the pursuit of patient comfort and rehabilitation, NHS Forth Valley relies on VComfort's expertise to deliver superior quality massage chairs, reaffirming our position as a trusted partner in promoting wellness and relaxation.

Beyond these notable collaborations, VComfort takes pride in serving a diverse clientele in the commercial and health sectors, including workplaces, corporate entities, and healthcare facilities. Our commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering as we continue to expand our presence and cater to the evolving needs of our esteemed clients.

In conclusion, VComfort's journey is a testament to the transformative power of relaxation and rejuvenation. With an unwavering focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we remain dedicated to elevating comfort standards and enriching lives across the United Kingdom and beyond. Join us in the pursuit of relaxation, because at VComfort, comfort knows no bounds.

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In the fast-paced world we live in, finding moments of relaxation and rejuvenation is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The VComfort Dreamliner 4D Massage Chair promises to be a game-changer in the realm of at-home relaxation, boasting super-soft 4D rollers and an innovative body stretch feature. Let's delve into the features and benefits that make this massage chair a standout choice for those seeking the ultimate in comfort and stress relief.

Super-Soft 4D Rollers:

At the heart of the VComfort Dreamliner is its state-of-the-art 4D roller technology. Unlike traditional massage chairs, the 4D rollers in this chair move not only up and down and side to side but also forward and backward, mimicking the intricate movements of human hands. The rollers are designed to be super soft, providing a gentle yet effective massage that closely resembles the touch of a professional masseuse.

The 4D rollers can be adjusted to target specific areas of the body, allowing users to customize their massage experience according to their preferences. Whether you're looking for a soothing, relaxing massage or a more invigorating deep-tissue treatment, the VComfort Dreamliner adapts to your needs with precision.

Body Stretch Feature:

One standout feature that sets the VComfort Dreamliner apart is its innovative body stretch function. This feature takes relaxation to the next level by gently stretching and elongating the body, helping to release tension in muscles and improve flexibility. The body stretch program is designed to simulate the feeling of a personal yoga or stretching session, promoting overall well-being and reducing stiffness.

Customizable Massage Programs:

The VComfort Dreamliner offers a variety of 18 pre-programmed massage modes to cater to different preferences and needs. Users can choose from a range of options, such as Shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue, and more. Each program is designed to target specific areas of the body, providing a comprehensive and personalized massage experience.

Zero Gravity Recline:

To enhance the overall relaxation experience, the VComfort Dreamliner features a zero-gravity recline function. Inspired by NASA technology, this position elevates the legs above the heart, reducing pressure on the spine and promoting a sense of weightlessness. The zero-gravity position helps users achieve a deeper state of relaxation and maximizes the effectiveness of the massage.

User-Friendly Design:

The VComfort Dreamliner is designed with user comfort in mind. The intuitive control panel allows for easy navigation and customization of massage settings. The chair is also equipped with a body scanning feature that maps the user's body to ensure the massage rollers target the right areas with precision.


In a world where self-care is increasingly important, the VComfort Dreamliner 4D Massage Chair stands out as a luxurious and effective solution for relaxation and stress relief. With its super-soft 4D rollers, innovative body stretch feature, and customizable massage programs, this chair offers a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Elevate your well-being with the VComfort Dreamliner and indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience.

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"VComfort revolutionizes wellness in 2024, to be featured in The Guardian's 'New Year New You' section on January 6th, 2024.

Beyond selling massage chairs, VComfort educates, highlighting their chairs as an alternative to physiotherapy. Embrace a pain-free, informed lifestyle with VComfort this new year. #WellnessRevolution #VComfort"

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