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VComfort™ Smart Eye Massager 

The VComfort™ Smart Eye Massager uses the Heat compress kneading massage technology to optimally adapt to the eye and temple area. Residents throughout the UK including London, Birmingham, and Manchester, can experience the benefits of microprocess-controlled massage elements such as 3 Layer Air bag pressure massage, vibration, pressure point kneading and heat compression.

With VComfort™ wireless and foldable Eye massager, you can relax your eyes at any time. The compact and handy shape, the light weight and the quiet application make it your ideal companion


VComfort™ Smart Eye massager helps in eliminating 


  • Black eye circles 

  • Eye soreness 

  • Fatigue 

  • Lack of Sleep 

  • Short of insight

Main Features


Hot Compress Grapheme Heating 

38 -42° C temperature heating, Just like a hot towel cover your eyes to comfort and relax your eye muscles.

Eye Massager
Eye Massager UK

Multiple frequency vibration vitality reappearances

Multiple frequency vibration regular pressing the eye acupoints helps in Eye  muscles recovery.  

Vibration of Eye Massager

Three Layer Air Compression Massage

Air compress all around the eyes, Just like hand press your acupoint.

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Four Massage Modes


Bluetooth Music 

Enjoy the music via Bluetooth connection  and relax your body.



practical design. 180° foldable, Can be stored anywhere. 



2 Hours of usage on one charge. 


Get Yourself one if you suffer from any of the following

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