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About us

VComfort™ embodies a journey propelled by passion and an unyielding drive to redefine the massage chair experience. Originating from humble beginnings in October 2017, our visionary founder identified a significant gap in the UK market: the need for massage chairs that seamlessly blend affordability with the highest quality. This realization became the bedrock of our mission, propelling us to create a brand synonymous with excellence and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

In the subsequent years, notably during 2018 and 2019, VComfort™ devoted its efforts to leave an indelible mark on the online UK market. We captured the hearts of numerous customers with our exceptional offerings, advancing towards realizing our vision.

A pivotal milestone was reached in July 2020 when VComfort™ was officially registered under the IPO UK00003511979 trading under the Limited Company ( Mahad Trading Ltd). This registration marked a turning point, signifying growth and formal recognition for our brand. Even amid the unprecedented challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, VComfort™ demonstrated resilience, emerging as a beacon of hope and support for customers in need of essential massage chairs. This defining moment further solidified our position as a distinguished British brand committed to providing top-tier massage chairs and associated products across the UK.

In the post-Covid era, we broadened our horizons by unveiling a premium range of massage chairs and establishing showrooms in cities like London, Manchester, and Birmingham. We understand that investing in a massage chair is a significant decision, and we firmly believe in affording people the opportunity to experience the chairs before making that choice. Our unwavering commitment to providing this option has fulfilled the desires of hundreds, if not thousands, of people across the country. Our next ambitious plan involves showcasing our products in shopping malls nationwide, a venture for which we have meticulously met all the required compliance.

What truly distinguishes VComfort™ is our steadfast dedication to establishing authentic connections with our esteemed customers. We endeavor not only to provide exceptional products but also an extraordinary experience. Our customer-centric initiatives, encompassing a remarkable six-year history of outstanding performance, an in-house delivery team, on-site installation, on-site demonstrations, and even packaging retrieval, have been thoughtfully designed to ensure a seamless and convenient process for our cherished customers, adhering to compliance standards like UKCA and UK Fire Safe Seating requirements. With an impressive three-year product guarantee, we confidently express our faith in the quality and durability of our offerings.

My Mission:

As the founder of VComfort™, my mission is crystal clear: to give back and make a positive impact on the world. It has long been my intention to initiate a charity program focused on providing aid and support to third-world countries. Our vision for this philanthropic endeavor is centered around two critical pillars: education and healthcare, with a focus on providing clean drinking water and food programs. We aspire to create educational opportunities and ensure access to quality healthcare, empowering underprivileged communities with the tools and knowledge to break the cycle of poverty. By championing these causes, we aim to contribute to a more equitable and compassionate world, where every individual has the chance to thrive and lead a fulfilling life.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the thousands of VComfort™ customers who have become an integral part of our extended family. Our vision is to keep expanding this family, and to facilitate this, we've recently introduced a trade-in feature. This feature is aimed at ensuring that anyone aspiring to own our products can do so, regardless of affordability concerns. For our existing customers seeking an upgrade, the trade-in feature offers a seamless solution. Our dedicated customer relations team actively engages with our customers, ensuring their happiness and satisfaction at every step of their VComfort™ journey. We eagerly look forward to serving you and growing our family through our unwavering commitment to exceptional products and outstanding service.

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