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Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo Massage Chair


The Phantom Rovo, distinguished for its cutting-edge design and therapeutic features, epitomizes luxury and innovation in the realm of relaxation. This partnership between Bodyfriend and VComfort not only extends VComfort's product portfolio but also signifies its commitment to offering premium, state-of-the-art solutions to enhance the well-being of individuals.


Classic massage techniques


The Bodyfriend Phantom chair analyzes your body to adapt to it perfectly and offers six different massage techniques, inspired by traditional techniques: 


  • Kneading : Its modules produce deep movements that are adapted to muscle contractions.  
  • tapping : The rotating device of its modules will create light pressure to relieve the back and shoulders from the bottom up.  
  • Acupressure : Its modules press from top to bottom to release muscle tension.  
  • Combined massage : This technique combines kneading and tapping for a double benefit.  
  • hand massage : Inspired by manual massage, this technique provides light pressure on the shoulders and back to relieve and relax.  
  • Air cushion massage : Our armchairs are equipped with several air cushions / intelligent cushions to massage specific parts of the body.  
  • Head rests : 3 different levels of headrest thickness in order to provide a massage adapted to everyone at the level of the neck and the head.  
  • Shoulders : Air cushion composed of 2 flaps at shoulder level, to provide an effective massage of the outer shoulder area.  
  • arms and hands : Air cushion in the arms and hands providing an acupressure massage divided into 3 different intensity zones.  
  • Waist, hips and buttocks : Air cushion to massage the waist, hips and gluteal muscles.  
  • Calves : The air cushions massage the calves. This improves blood circulation in the legs.


Rovo Program: 


Both leg massage units move separately. It provides specialized massage via the different movements of left/right leg units. 8 Programs are as follows. 



  1. Iliopsoas Relaxation Iliopsoas  Phantom Rovo's exclusive static stretches relax the core muscles and reduce stress


2. Cycle Mode Boosts the flexibility of the lower body by relaxing muscles around the knees and hip joints via cycling movement


3. Hamstrings Relaxation: Phantom Rovo's specialized stretches boost the flexibility of the hamstrings.


4. Rolling Stretch: Relaxes muscles around the lumbar vertebrae via waist-turning movements.


5. Piriformis Relaxation: When the piriformis muscle at the back of the buttocks gets stiff, you may feel discomfort.


6. PNF Stretch Rejuvenates muscles in the lower body by relaxing lower muscles and muscle exercise movement with a voice guide.


7. Rovo Refresh This program rejuvenates individuals by kneading and applying acupressure to easily tired body parts.


8. Rovo Recovery This program helps reduce fatigue by gentle acupressure focused on the neck and waist, boosts flexibility, and reduces fatigue on muscles via separate movement on the lower body.


Brain Sensory Massage Program


BODYFRIEND's exclusive mind and body management induce a short break for the brain via XD brain sound, including binaural beats and special massage.


※ Binaural beats: When two sounds in different frequencies are played, the brain perceives a third sound called a binaural beat. It syncs with brain waves to help relax and other beneficial effects


The 7 Brain Sensory Programs are 


1. Imagery Massage: This program is for those who want to imagine their own getaway from their busy daily lives via XD brain sound and soft full-body massage patterns. 


2. Focus: This program is for those who need to rest their tired brain due to excessive academic or work stress and recharge their minds and bodies.


3. Well-Being: This program is for those who need a break due to excessive stress from their daily lives.


4. Relaxation Training: This program is developed by using gradual muscle relaxation therapy for those who want to reduce tension and stress with a voice guide. 


5. Breathing Relaxation: This program is developed by breathing relaxation therapy for those expecting important tests or announcements. 


6. Good morning: Designed for those who are not early birds and have difficulty pleasantly starting the day. 


7. Good night: Specialized for those who want to reduce fatigue during the day and organize their thoughts before going to bed. 




Track Type: SL
Mechanism Type: 4D XD Pro
Massage Types:  Shiatsu, Tapping, Kneading, Rolling, Pushing, Stretching, Air bag pressure, Rolling Stretch Independent Leg Rovo Cycling, Brain Sensory Massage, XD Pro Massage.
Massage Coverage (Air compression): Shoulders, Arms, Calves, Foot, Sole, Pelvis
Massage Coverage(rollers): Neck, Back, Shoulder, Foot, Calves, Sole
Roller Strength: Moderate - Medium – Intense
Roller Speed Adjustment: Yes 
Roller Width Adjustment (Manual): Yes 
Body Stretch: Yes  
Auto Programs: 32 
Customised / Manual Programs: Yes
Heat Therapy: Yes (Back, Calves, Hips, Feet, Sole) 
Foot & Calves Massage Type: 3D Foot Rollers, Multiple Rollers Air compression
Reflexology Foot Rollers: Yes
Footrest extension: Yes (15 cm) Auto

Calf Rubbing Tech: No
Rovo Cycling Mode: Yes
Body Scanning: Yes  
Zero Gravity: Yes 
Space Saver: Yes (10cm )
Can be Wheeled: Yes
Auto Timer: Yes
Voice Command & Control: Yes
Remote Type: Wired LCD
Phone Charging: Yes 
Bluetooth Speakers: Yes
Power(W): 170W
Avg Cost Per Hour Usage: £ 0.0578 
Door Width: 86 cm
Door Width (No Sides): 72 cm
Max User Weight: 120 kg
Max User Height: 195 cm
Net Weight: 160 kg
Gross Weight: 170 kg 




  165 L(cm) *  88 W(cm) * 90 H(cm)    (Box 1)

  104 L(cm) * 65 W(cm) * 45 H(cm)     (Box 2)

   65  L(cm)*  60 W(cm) * 65 H(cm)     (Box 3)

Chair Upright

163 L(cm) * 85 W(cm) * 120 H(cm)


Chair Reclined

200 L(cm) * 85 W(cm) * 99 H(cm)

Bodyfriend Phantom Rovo 4d XD Pro Massage Chair

£9,999.00 Regular Price
£8,999.00Sale Price
VAT Included
  • Delivery options : 

    • Delivery & Installation : Our specialized team will deliver the chair to the required room. The team will provide a brief product demonstration. They will take off the sides if required and re install. 
    • Delivery & Installation : 7 - 10 Working Days

    Min Door Width required: 72 cm 

    You may also find further information relating to the deliveries and returns by visiting our ''Deliveries and Returns'' page or by visiting the link below.


    The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products. If you are not satisfied with the product, then let us know within 30 calendar days of purchase.

    3 Years Manufacturer Warranty 

    Warranty covers: Parts, labour & visits if any

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