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What is a Shiatsu Massage Chair? Why Invest in It?

Updated: Apr 13

Imagine you return home after a long stressful day. In this situation, how comfortable it would be if you get a message that can melt away your stress and leave you feeling refreshed. It’s a dream unless you get in touch with a massage therapist. But with having a massage chair, you can! Massage chairs come with a range of different massage techniques. But if you are looking for an effective one, Shiatsu massage chairs are second to none.

Now you think about this massage technique as well as the chair, right? Continue reading this blog to know more.

shiatsu massage chair

What Is Shiatsu Massage Chair?

Before diving into this massage chair, you must be aware of the massage technique. However, shiatsu massage is a Japanese massage that involves touch, tapping, rolling, stretching, and kneading to promote relaxation and healing. The term ‘Shiatsu’ means finger pressure.

Japanese use shiatsu as a form of energy work to balance energy flow within the body. This massage can help with reducing stress, releasing muscle tension, and promoting relaxation. Shiatsu will work on your whole body, which can treat headaches, and chronic conditions, such as arthritis.

Now, you can facilitate these benefits with a shiatsu massage chair. These chairs are an excellent option for a whole-body massage, featuring a range of motions to give you the best massage experience.

Now, let’s have a look at the key reasons you should invest in a shiatsu massage chair.

Reasons to Invest in a Shiatsu Massage Chair

Reduced Stress

Massage can reduce stress. But does a shiatsu massage chair do the same? According to studies, a 15-minute session in this chair can reduce your stress level. And to measure it, researchers took blood pressure before and after the massage and found a significant decrease in it.

massage chair

Enhances Sleep Quality

Many reasons contribute to sleeping problems, including social isolation, mood swings, anxiety, and more. But massage can help induce sleep. Shiatsu massage triggers serotonin that induces calm feelings. In addition, massage can alleviate your stress and improve your breathing. Your muscles can relax when your breathing slows. And that is what will make you fall asleep faster.

A Protection from Injury

Tension release from muscle is important to maintain a consistent fitness level. Whether you involve in a regular job or intense physical activities, mitigating damage to bones and muscles is crucial. And that is what this massage chair delivers exactly. It will help your body parts to release tension and pay attention to the sore areas, which allow greater movement to the individual.

Eliminates Lower Back Pain

Poor sitting posture is majorly responsible for lower back pain. Therefore, if you are one of those who are suffering from stiffness and pain in your lower back, a shiatsu massage chair can help you. It will aid in alleviating muscle trauma. If you sit on this chair after a long day of work, it works like magic.

massage therapy

Want to buy a shiatsu massage chair? Contact us! We are a leading supplier of full body massage chairs. All of our products carry a CE mark. Read other blogs to know more about it.

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