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SL Track Massage Chairs - Top 5 Features Making It Highly Demanding!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

A massage chair can be a great alternative to massage therapists. Its benefits are endless and can be majorly responsible for your well-being. In the UK, you will find many massage chair suppliers offering massage chairs online at a reasonable price. But there is a wide range of massage chairs available on the market. So, which one should you choose?

Have you heard about SL track massage chairs? It’s a type of massage chair that follows both S and L track technology. And if you are looking for a quality one, nothing would be an ideal option other than it.

But why should you buy it? Below are the top five features making the SL track massage chairs demanding. Prior to that, let’s know what it actually is.

What Is an SL Track Massage Chair?

S track refers to the roller track that performs deeper massage on the neck and lower back. It follows the S-shaped curvature of the human spine. On the flip, the L track is an extended version of the S track. It works similarly to the S track but covers the head to the lower parts of the body. It will massage all the way down to the buttock from the head. And finally, the SL track is the most advanced version of technology of massage chairs.

It’s an extended version of the S and L track with curves. The roller of this massage chair delivers a superior quality massage on the lower back and the neck. Therefore, if you have an issue in these areas, this massage chair works best.

Now, let’s look at its top features in the following lines.

Top 5 Features of SL Track Massage Chairs

Air Compression Massage

air compression massage

An SL track massage chair comes with airbags located in different positions. They aim to provide you with a body massage and make you feel relaxed. This treatment modality uses air under pressure, which massages muscles. Air compression massage is truly effective in improving the blood circulation of the body.

Heat Therapy

heat massage

SL track massage chairs come with a heating pad located in the back area. And that is what one can control manually via the control on the armrest. Heat therapy can promote blood circulation and loosen tense muscles.

Hand Massage

Want to get relaxation with a unique hand massage? Opt for an SL track massage chair that can mimic the hands of massage therapists.

Calf Massage

Calf massage

The therapeutic airbag compression massage offered by an SL track massage chair will target your claves, which provides soothing relief.

Zero Gravity

A zero gravity massage chair will allow you to recline all way back to your neutral body position. The position will raise your legs above your heart and distribute weight along your body evenly. And that is what will enhance your sense of relaxation.

So, what keeps you waiting? Try out our massage chairs to improve your well-being. We are the leading massage chair supplier in the UK. All our products carry a CE mark. So, place an order from us!


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