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MeDiFit Massage Chair

The MeDiFit Massage Chair is a recent addition (2023) to the VComfort massage chair range, offering numerous advantageous features. These encompass a modern design, an upgraded roller mechanism, high-quality massages, compact dimensions, and an extensive 3-year manufacturer warranty.

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Fixed Point Massage Rollers

Back rollers offers different massage types to relax your neck, shoulders, back and waist.


Full Body Coverage 

The MeDiFit Massage Chair boasts specialized and accurate shiatsu massage rollers strategically positioned along an extensive track, providing comprehensive coverage from the neck down to the toes, targeting multiple areas of the body simultaneously.
M525 beige (SL Track technology, 3d rollers).png

Foot And Calf Massage 

The chair is equipped with airbags and spinning reflexology massage heads located at the bottom of the footrest providing a soothing kneading, shiatsu, and squeezing massage. The calves and feet will experience a 360 degree coverage for the maximum rejuvenation and blood circulation.

Full Body Airbag Massage 

There are multiple airbags located throughout the massage chair to offer a full body massage experience. The compression massage helps enhance circulation while also massaging muscles which can relax tension and help the body to rid itself of toxins.

M525 beige (air compression)-PhotoRoom.png-PhotoRoom.png
M525 beige (heat therapy)_edited.jpg

Heat Therapy

The chair is equipped with a heating pad located on the back and calf area to warm your body and promote your blood circulation.

A Diverse Range

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Zero Gravity

Ultimate zero gravity massage experience
M525 beige (zero gravity).png

Foot Rest Extension

Foot and calf section is adjustable to different height of users and can be extended to 15 cm.
M525 beige (Extendable Footrest).jpg

Bluetooth Speakers

Connect via Bluetooth and relax - Listen to your favourite music
M525 beige (speaker, stereo sound).png

Touch Pad Remote Controller 

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Colour for any room

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